Command 14 vehicle
Command 14

2010 Ford F-350 Turbo Diesel

Command 14 is our chief officer vehicle. It is equipped with first responder EMS equipment including an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) as well as first responder fire suppression. It is designed to extricate 2 backboarded patients in the bed for scenes where a medic unit can not deploy.

Brush 14 vehicle
Brush 14

1997 Ford F-350 Turbo Diesel

B14 is a fire suppression vehicle used for grass and brush fires. It houses a 100 gallon per minute pump with foam application and a tank holding 250 gallons of water. B14 is also equipped as a BLS (Basic Life Support) vehicle used in medical emergencies.

Medic 14 vehicle
Medic 14

2008 International Horton

M14 is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) vehicle capable of handling advanced medical and trauma emergencies. M14 carries the capability to perform 12 lead EKG and transmit to emergency departments.

Tanker 14 vehicle
Tanker 14

2005 Freightliner

T14 is a vehicle utilized to transport water to areas where fire hydrants are limited. T14 has a 2000 gallon water tank and features a 500GPM pump in addition to a drop tank which can hold 3000 gallons of water.

Engine 14 vehicle
Engine 14

2013 Rosenbauer Custom

E14 transports a crew of 5 equipped with the latest technology in firefighting. E14 has a 1000 gallon tank and 1500GPM pump with class A foam induction. It carries specialized rescue equipment for vehicle extrication and other types of technical rescue.

Farm/Ice Water Trailer 14

This trailer is equipped with advanced farm extrication equipment including a grain tube for grain bin extrication. It also contains cold water suits and ice rescue equipment. This trailer is utilized and available to multiple counties in the region.