Zoning was approved by New Jasper Township voters in 1956. The purpose of zoning is to regulate land uses and structures according to regulations adopted by the New Jasper Township Trustees. The regulations are enforced by a zoning inspector hired by the Trustees. The authority of township zoning is provided by Ohio Revised Code, §519.

The Zoning Inspector administers the regulations, called the Zoning Resolution, and cannot make exceptions to the regulations. Any variation to the regulations may only be approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals. The Zoning Inspector does not create the Zoning Resolution. This is done by another zoning board, called the Zoning Commission. The members of the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Zoning Commission are volunteer citizens who live in New Jasper Township.

New Jasper Township is divided into several zoning districts, such as Agriculture, Residential and Business as well as others. Certain uses are permitted in these districts and prohibited in others. For example, growing of crops and raising livestock is permitted in the Agriculture District, but is prohibited in the Residential District.

The Zoning Inspector issues a zoning permit for all structures. The permit approval means the structure is in compliance for size, location and use for the zoning district in which it is located. Other permits, such as a building permit , may also be required before construction of a structure is begun.